Mindfulness Evenings

In the deep dark of winter we are guided to move inward and be with ourselves.  To seek the wisdom that we have deep within and begin to bring it to the surface in our lives and in our dreams.  It is a time that is meant for curiosity and questioning, for allowing what is and Being.

I am really excited to create and share with you an evening of guided meditation and mindfulness each month this year – beginning in January.  Each month we will come together in community (in person and/or online), create an intention for our journey inward, and be guided through a visualization process that is designed to support you in the discovery of the deep wisdom within.

Each healing journey will begin at 7:30pm and last about 2 hours.  I will be hosting it at Elan Family Wellness Centre in Bowness, Calgary – the event will be available to those who wish via Zoom (recordings of the mediations will also be available).

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